Welcome to the site :)

Created on 09 March 2012

Hi. First of all welcome to the site. The main idea is to publish popular cartoons and anime videos into new web standard, for this time it'll be HTML 5. Why HTML5? First of all, because of wide devices accessibility. Somebody use PC's, somebody pads or even new brand phones, what is very popular at the moment. At the moment website will have PC ready version with template, but it shouldn't be the problem to watch videos over other devices. With the time I'll make mobile ready version (Androids and IOS) and it should be more practical to browse in.

Anyway, I've added progress table for current works:

Title Status Progress
1. Courage The Cowardly Dog Complete 100%
2. Cow and Chicken Complete 100%

Anyway thanks for visiting and being with us. Enjoy your videos and have a nice day :)

Btw, want to join a team? Write me down rokixz_at_gmail.com and quote your skill!